The Greenhouse | Completed!

The Greenhouse | Completed!

Hello and welcome to the final blog post about the construction of our greenhouse! Because of the extreme sentimental value this greenhouse has for our family (you can read about that here) we do not sell our building plans. We technically never even wrote them down. The next phases were sketched into the framework, so you could say the plans are literally build into our greenhouse.

If you are planning to build your own, we ask that you adapt the design to your needs. We spent months designing ours from scratch and didn't use any references from online or elsewhere. We humbly request that you do not copy our greenhouse, rather use it for inspiration in designing and building your own.

 After the snow cleared, we began sealing the wood. We walked into Home Depot and bought 2 gallons of sealant, thinking that would be enough. NOPE. 10 gallons and 2 days later (and thanks to Derek Fowler's help!) she was sealed.  .    And then finally, the windows! When had them painted white so they were all the same color and would weather the same way. Next, the sod and outdoor landscaping.  It was Mitch's idea to have a rock path leading into the greenhouse.

Mitch installed my shelves on April 2nd, 2018. I was finally... finally able to place my plants on them. Something I'd dreamed about for months. I knew a breakdown was coming and when I turned to look inside and saw my plants on those shelves, I lost it. Mitch held me as a sobbed happy tears into his shoulder. I thanked God for the greenhouse and Mitch for building it for me. The Lord's timing is so incredibly perfect. Almost to the day a year ago, we lost that baby and from that, this was born. I used to say over and over and over again, "I don't see how anything good can come from a miscarriage." The greenhouse came from it, and it is good. It's amazing what can happen if you TRUST His plan and lean into Him fully. And the cherry on top? He sent a rainbow, just as he did on the day we miscarried. It was even in the same place in the sky. This is something only the Lord can orchestrate. The timing of how everything happened is undeniable. And today, on April 3rd, 2018, she is officially DONE. The only thing left to do is to work on my plant collection.

I want to thank my husband, Mitch. Thank you for believing in my vision and for spending 7 months building this for me. Friends, Mitch built this. We didn't have a crew of guys every day. It was literally Mitch, by himself, outside, moving each cedar beam and measuring every single piece of wood that needed to be cut at least 3 times. And then measuring again. Every single screw was well thought out. He has touched, calculated and thought about every single piece of wood, nail, screw, window and every other piece of material that went into this. Sweetheart, words will never be enough. Thank you so much. I love you.

Updated 2021.

Greenhouse Built By: My husband, Mitch Vaughan (Special thank you to Tim Howell, Dale Vaughan, David Worrells and Derek Fowler for the days that you helped! We appreciate you more than you know!) Lumber: Taylor Brothers Windows sourced from: Melanie's Window Room, White Brick House and a private seller. Windows painted by: Judson Clark with Painting Made Easy Roofing Material: Greenhouse Megastore. Shelving Hardware: Amazon. Hanging Plant Pipes: Lowes
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  • Posted by Esther on

    This is just stunning, you guys!! I love everything about it. And what a beautiful testimony to God’s faithfulness and goodness. We have a similar story. A car accident/injuries changed my line of work from a landscape designer to running a cactus nursery. The settlement paid off our debt and we were able to invest in a huge greenhouse this month. It’s so exciting to see these beautiful dreams coming true. Thank you for sharing!!
    I was wondering what you do in the winter? Does your greenhouse close up to protect your plants? Thanks and take care!

  • Posted by Terrie on

    Hello, what a magnificent job . Absolutely LOVE it. I am gathering info to build my own here in Southern Va. and I am planning on burying my post directly in the ground. I see where it looks like you did that. Did you cement your post in the ground or direct bury them without cement. My soil here is clay so I’m concerned about rotting. I would so appreciate if you let me know what you did. I’m just trying to get different perspectives. Thank you for your time and again, GREAT JOB!

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